Daily Text ,Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday, 14 November 2010
I shall safeguard you and give you as a covenant of the people.—Isa. 42:6.

Satan put forth persistent efforts to destroy Jesus and prevent Jesus from completing his ministry on earth, but Jehovah safeguarded him until the appointed time for him to die. (Matt. 2:13; John 7:30) Then Jehovah resurr…ected Jesus and gave him as “a covenant,” or pledge, to people on earth. That solemn promise provided assurance that God’s faithful Servant would continue as “a light of the nations,” liberating those in spiritual darkness. (Isa. 49:8, 9) In harmony with this pledge, Jehovah’s chosen Servant would “open the blind eyes,” “bring forth out of the dungeon the prisoner,” and deliver “those sitting in darkness.” (Isa. 42:7) During his earthly ministry, Jesus did this by exposing false religious traditions and preaching the good news of the Kingdom. Today, from his heavenly position, Christ Jesus is overseeing the global preaching work. w09 1/15 4:12, 13


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