Out searching for sheep,there may also be a goat that needs rescued,literally


Out searching for sheep,there may
also be a goat that needs rescued,literally..lol

Thought you might enjoy this
sweet story sent to us by a sister who lives in florida!
love to you! 



Jehovah’s Witnesses rescue pet goat
By Mike Conley
June 08, 2010
Thanks to some kind-hearted, quick-acting Jehovah’s Witnesses, Beulah
the goat was saved Monday.
They rescued the nearly blind 4-month-old goat from a family
swimming pool where she had fallen and would have surely perished.
Beulah belongs to the family of Rick and Tonia Hensley of Old Fort.
In her short life, Beulah has had a tough time. After she was weaned
from her mother’s milk, the little goat didn’t eat on her own and, as a
result, Beulah likely suffered from a vitamin deficiency that left her
nearly blind. The Hensleys have all worked as best they can to care for
their beloved pet goat and help her grow stronger.
Tonia Hensley
said her 15-year-old daughter Haleigh
has been especially attentive.
has babied this goat,” said her mother.
Through the family’s care and devotion, Beulah has been nursed back
to health. She now weighs 25 to 30 pounds. The family believes they
saved her from a premature death.
On Monday, Beulah was saved again.
Rick Hensley
was away on a business trip. Tonia
was doing her work at the McDowell County
as a deputy register of deeds. Haleigh
was attending school at West McDowell Junior
. That left her 18-year-old brother Jacob Hensley
to look after the house.
Sometime between 11:30 a.m. and noon, Beulah got out of her cage
and ended up in the family swimming pool. The family is still not sure
how she got out. Jacob
was busy washing clothes and the noise kept him
from hearing Beulah’s cries for help.
At around the same time, a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses was going
from house to house, inviting people to a Bible conference in Johnson City,
Tenn. Jacob
could not hear them approaching the house either.
But the Jehovah’s Witnesses did hear Beulah’s cries. One of them
was 17-year-old Autumn Stoddard
of Marion.
“We were just doing our door-to-door work,” said Stoddard.
“We just kept hearing this crying throughout the whole neighborhood. I
didn’t even knock on the door because I could tell it was starting to go
along with Joann Goodwin
and Cindy Fletcher,
went around and saw Beulah struggling in the water. Stoddard
pulled Beulah out of the above-ground pool and Goodwin
assisted her in putting the goat back in the cage.
The family found out what happened later because Rick’s aunt, Sylvia Vess,
lives next door. She saw the women save Beulah.
“What are the odds of that happening?” said Tonia Hensley.
“This is the second time Beulah has made it through.”
The Hensleys said they would always be grateful for what happened.
“It’s pretty amazing,” said Tonia Hensley.
“It makes me feel good there are still people who go above and beyond
the call of duty.”



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