The Long-Anticipated Harvest time Par.10-15

The Long-Anticipated Harvest time
10, 11. (a) When is the time for the harvest?
(b) How is the symbolic wheat being brought into
Jehovah’s storehouse?

10 Jesus tells us: “The harvest is a conclusion
of a system of things, and the reapers
are angels.” (Matt. 13:39)
During the last
days of this wicked system of things, a separating
takes place—the sons of the Kingdom
are to be gathered and separated from any
weed like ones. Regarding this, the apostle
Peter tells us: “It is the appointed time for
the judgment to start with the house of
God. Now if it starts first with us, what will
the end be of those who are not obedient to
the good news of God?”—1 Pet. 4:17

11 Shortly after the beginning of the last
days, or the “conclusion of a system of
things,” the judgment started for those who
claimed to be genuine Christians—whether
they were actually “sons of the kingdom” or
“sons of the wicked one.” “First” Babylon
the Great fell, and “then” the sons of the
Kingdom were gathered together at the start
of the harvest. (Matt. 13:30) But how is the
symbolic wheat now being brought into Jehovah’s
storehouse? These harvested ones
were either brought into the restored Christian
congregation, where they have God’s
favor and protection, or they received their
heavenly reward.

12. For how long does the harvest continue?

12 How long does the judgment last? Jesus
referred to the harvest as a “season,” so it
continues over a period of time. (Rev. 14:15,
16) The judgment of the individual members
of the anointed continues throughout
the time of the end. It will last until they are
finally sealed.—Rev. 7:1-4.

13. In what way do the weeds cause stumbling, and
how are they doing lawlessness?

13 Who will be collected out from the
Kingdom, and how do they cause stumbling
and do lawlessness? (Matt. 13:41) The weed like
clergy of Christendom have misled millions
for centuries. They have done this
by means of God-dishonoring teachings,
“things that cause stumbling,” such as the
doctrine of eternal punishment in hellfire
and the confusing and mysterious Trinity.
Many religious leaders have set a bad example
for their flocks by their adulterous
friendship with this world and in some cases
by their flagrant immoral conduct. (Jas.
4:4) Additionally, Christendom has become
increasingly tolerant of immorality among
its members. (Read Jude 4.) Despite all of
this, they continue to maintain an outward
show of piety and godliness.How happy the
sons of the Kingdom are to be separated
from such weed like influences and corrupt
teachings that cause stumbling!

14. How do the weed like ones weep and gnash their

14 How do the weed like ones weep and
gnash their teeth? (Matt. 13:42) “The sons
of the wicked one” are tormented by the
fact that “the sons of the kingdom” have exposed
the spiritually poisonous condition
of these weed like ones. They also bemoan
the diminishing support they receive from
their church members, as well as their loss
of control over the laity.—Read Isaiah 65:
13, 14.

15. In what sense are the weed like ones burned
with fire?

15 In what sense are the weeds collected
and burned with fire? (Matt.13:40) This refers
to the final outcome for the weeds.
Their being thrown symbolically into the
fiery furnace indicates that they are headed
for eternal destruction. (Rev. 20:14; 21:8)

The imitation, weed like Christians, the impostors,
will be eradicated during the “great
tribulation.”—Matt. 24:21.


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