“Brightly as the Sun” Par.16-20

Brightly as the Sun”

16, 17. What did Malachi prophesy concerning
God’s temple, and how did this start to be fulfilled?

16 At what time do the
wheat like ones “shine as
brightly as the sun”? (Matt.
13:43) Concerning the cleansing
of God’s temple, Malachi
prophesied: “‘Suddenly there
will come to His temple the
true Lord, whom you people
are seeking, and the messenger
of the covenant in whom
you are delighting. Look! He
will certainly come,’ Jehovah
of armies has said. ‘But who
will be putting up with the day of his coming,
andwho will be the one standing when
he appears? Forhe will be like the fire of a refiner
and like the lye of laundrymen. And he
must sit as a refiner and cleanser of silver
and must cleanse the sons of Levi; and he
must clarify them like gold and like silver,
and they will certainly become to Jehovah
people presenting a gift offering in righteousness.’
”—Mal. 3:1-3.

17 In modern times, this prophecy evidently
started to be fulfilled in 1918 when
Jehovah, along with “the messenger of the
covenant,” Jesus Christ, inspected the spiritual
temple. Malachi tells us what happens
once this cleansing is completed: “You people
will again certainly see the distinction
between a righteous one and a wicked one,
between one serving God and one who has
not served him.” (Mal. 3:18) The surge in activity
on the part of the reinvigorated true
Christians points to that period as the beginning
of the harvest time.

18. What did Daniel prophesy would happen in our

18 The prophet Daniel spoke of our day
when he foretold: “The ones
having insight will shine like
the brightness of the expanse;
and those who are bringing
the many to righteousness,
like the stars to time indefinite,
even forever.” (Dan. 12:3)

Who are these ones who shine
so brightly? Why, none other
than anointed Christians, the
genuine wheat that Jesus referred
to in his illustration of the wheat and
the weeds! The ‘collecting out’ of the weed like
imitation Christians has been clearly recognized
by an ever-increasing great crowd
of sheep like ones. In attaching themselves
to the remnant of spiritual Israel, these prospective
subjects of the Kingdom like wise let
their light shine in this bedarkened world.
—Zech. 8:23; Matt. 5:14-16; Phil. 2:15.

19, 20. What do “the sons of the kingdom” eagerly
await, andwhatwillwe discuss in the next article?

19 Today, “the sons of the kingdom” eagerly
await their glorious, heavenly reward.
(Rom. 8:18, 19; 1 Cor. 15:53; Phil. 1:21-
24) Until that time, though, they must remain
faithful, continuing to shine brightly,
standing out as different from “the sons of
the wicked one.” (Matt. 13:38; Rev. 2:10)

How happy we all can be that we have had
the privilege of seeing the results of this
symbolic ‘collecting out’ of the weeds in
our time!

20 But what is the relationship between
these sons of the Kingdom and the ever expanding
great crowd of those who hope
to live forever on earth as subjects of the
Kingdom? The next article will answer this



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