“Let Both Grow Together Until the Harvest” Par.8-9

“Let Both Grow Together
Until the Harvest”

8, 9. (a) Why would the Master’s instructions to
his slaves have made sense to Jesus’ listeners? (b) In
the fulfillment, how did the wheat and the weeds
grow together?

8 The Master’s slaves inform him of the
problem and ask: “Do you want us, then, to
go out and collect [the weeds]?” (Matt. 13:
27, 28)
His answer may seem surprising. He
tells them to allow the wheat and the weeds
to grow together until the time of the harvest.
That command would make sense to
Jesus’ disciples. They would realize just how
difficult it is to distinguish wheat from darnel
weed. Those with some agricultural experience
would also realize that the bearded
darnel’s root system usually intertwines
with that of the wheat. No wonder the
Master instructs them to wait!

9 In a similar way, down through the centuries,
the various sects of Christendom
have produced a bumper crop of weeds
—first among the Roman Catholic and Orthodox
churches and later among the numerous
Protestant groups that sprang up. At
the same time, a few seeds of the genuine
wheat were sown in the world field.
The householder in the illustration waited
patiently during the extended growing
time until the relatively shorter harvest time
would arrive.


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