Dear friend,


This is Max and Sue in the U.K. We are servants of the One true God,
Jehovah. We find that many people throughout the earth are not aware of
God’s personal name and we feel that this is very sad. The reason is
that if a person is seeking a relationship with anyone, one of the
first things we would do is find out their name. So don’t you think
that a person who wants to have a personal and close relationship with
his Creator would seek out God’s personal name? Just to clarify this,
let us think about the word "God". This is a title and not a personal
name. The Bible even calls Satan the Devil a "god", the god of this
wicked system of things. (2 Corinthians 4:4) Jehovah God has many
titles throughout the Scriptures, but he only has one personal name.
Humans have titles, such as "man", "woman", "girl", "boy", "Sir",
"Lord", "Mr.," "Mrs," and so on. If someone keeps calling you by these
titles, don’t you, after a while, tell them that you have a name? God
knows you by name; it is time for you to know God by His name.
God’s name in various Bible compiled by The Bible Museum and Biblical
Research –

Do you think God’s name is

God’s Word the Bible actually says that you should be ashamed if you
don’t seek for God’s name (Psalm 83:16).
Notice at Psalm 9:10 and Psalm 91:14 how important God’s name is in
these verses.
Notice the nations and people are profaning God’s name, at Ezekiel
36:23. The word "profaning" can mean not using God’s name, counting it
not worthy of use. We are sure you would not want to be one who
profanes God’s name by not using it.
We do have to be careful how we use God’s name as the Bible states that
anyone using God’s name in a worthless way will not be left unpunished.
(Exodus 20:7)

Now what we are about to say is very important. The Bible foretold that
in the last days of this wicked system, from 1914 onwards, that as a
result of a great preaching work throughout the earth carried out
door-to-door (Matthew 24:14; Acts 20:20; Acts 5:42), people would be
found who would, after taking in accurate knowledge of their Creator,
Jehovah, would come to be called by and bear God’s great name. This
prophecy has come true! There are a people throughout the whole earth,
in 236 lands, who are called by God’s name. These ones also witness to
God’s name. (Isaiah 43:7,10) These are called, as you probably know,
Jehovah’s Witnesses. These ones are foretold in the Bible and it is
important that you understand this. If you are a person who is
searching for the truth about God and His name, then please ask us what
you should do. We are here to help. May we remind you that the
greatest privilege any human can have is to be called by God’s name. We
pray that you are one who has the courage to take up this invitation.

This is why God’s name is important to you, what the Bible really says –
Romans 10:13. Why not check the Scriptures here? BIBLE ON LINE

So you can see from this verse that people not calling on God’s name
will be removed from the earth soon at Armageddon, meaning God’s great
war when he cleanses the earth from all wickedness.

We have put some links at the bottom which will help you on the road to
everlasting life on a paradise earth.

Brilliant if you have sound, feed at Jehovahs table, You are invited,
but will you?

We are dedicated to
God to do his will



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