Jehovah, the God of Truth

Jehovah, the God of Truth

“You have redeemed me, O Jehovah
the God of truth.”—PSALM 31:5.

THERE was a time when there was
no untruth. Inhabiting the invisible heavens were perfect spirit
creatures, serving their Creator, “the God of truth.” (Psalm 31:5)
There was no falsehood, no deception. Jehovah communicated what was
truthful to his spirit sons. He did so because he loved them and because
he was deeply interested in their welfare. The situation on earth was
the same. Jehovah created the first man and woman, and through his
appointed channel, he always communicated with them in a clear,
straightforward, and truthful manner. How wonderful that must have been!

however, a spirit son of God brazenly set out to establish himself as a
rival god, opposing Jehovah. This spirit creature, who became known as
Satan the Devil, wanted others to worship him. To achieve his goal, he
introduced untruth as a means to bring others under his control. In so
doing, he became both
liar and the father of the lie.”—John 8:44.

By means of a serpent, Satan told the first woman, Eve, that if
she disregarded God’s command and ate the forbidden fruit, she would not
die. That was a lie. He further told her that by eating she would
become like God, knowing good and bad. That, too, was a lie. Though Eve
had never before been lied to, she must have recognized that what she
heard from the serpent was not in harmony with what God had told her
husband, Adam. Still, she chose to believe Satan, not Jehovah.
Thoroughly deceived, she took the fruit and ate. Later, Adam also ate of
the fruit. (Genesis 3:1-6) Like Eve, Adam had never before heard a lie,
yet he was not deceived. (1 Timothy 2:14) By his actions, he showed
that he rejected his Maker. The consequences to humankind were
Because of Adam’s disobedience, sin and
death—along with corruption and untold misery—spread to all his
offspring.—Romans 5:12.


Untruth also spread. We must recognize that those lies told in
the garden of Eden were assaults against the truthfulness of Jehovah
himself. Satan asserted that God was deceitfully depriving the first
human couple of something good. That, of course, was not so. Adam and
Eve did not benefit from their disobedience. They died, just as Jehovah
had said they would. Nonetheless, Satan’s slanderous assault against
Jehovah continued, to the extent that centuries later the apostle John
was inspired to write that Satan “is misleading the entire inhabited
earth.” (Revelation 12:9)
To avoid being misled by
Satan the Devil, we must have complete confidence in the truthfulness
of Jehovah and his Word. How can you develop and strengthen your trust
in Jehovah and fortify yourself against the deception and lies promoted
by his Adversary?

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