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Urgent Water Shortage – Action Plan




All children, youth, adults and elders from Mexico: 
Incredibly, we have water shortages, and probably in
January 2010 of water have significant cuts throughout the country, so
that we may be ushering in a new era where we get used to not having
water every day. The worst thing is that if we do something about it, it
is likely that our children suffer from water shortages similar to
those living in the desert in subhuman conditions, having to pay a high
price for the liquid, as they do already many inhabitants of the
country. (In my building we took five days to buy water pipes) 
To do something about it I propose a very simple plan:
1. Save water. At least one liter of water a day.
2. Take action. Commit yourself and your family to also
commit to save at least a liter of water daily.
3. Circulate this mail. Pass this mail to everyone you
know to add to this movement the greatest number of people.
If we can save 100 million Mexicans a liter of water
daily, will be 100 million liters per day and 36.500 million gallons per

!!! EL Water
is vital for human survival!

* If you know
other ways to save water, please write them down here.
** If you can
save more than a liter a day, many Mexicans can not thank you
**. Try saving additional one liters per unconscious who thinks that
this issue is not vitally necessary.
1. AL Bathing. Of all the waste of water, the
bathroom is the biggest existing. (He spent 7 to 10 liters per minute
and people are unaware that take up half an hour to bathe. It only takes
three minutes to swim well!)
a. I’ll put a bucket under the shower as it heats the
water and use it to water my plants and for the toilet. Estimated
savings: up to 40 liters of water per day!
b. Before I was bathing in 10 minutes and now try to do
in March. Estimated
savings: up to 100 liters of water per day!
c. I’ll close the key when I lather and shave me
(though I cold). Estimated
savings: up to 80 liters of water per day!
d. Halve the pressure of the water that I bathe
regularly. Estimated savings: up to 100 liters of water per day!
2. IN WC. The second largest waste of water is
the toilet. (Every time we pull the lever to go down the drain to 10
liters of drinking water. Some people are unconsciously using the toilet
as a trash can!).
a. I’ll put a plastic bottle full of water inside each
toilet (in case you have no toilet savers.) Estimated savings: up to 30
liters of water per day!
b. Stop using the toilet to dump waste and throw a
trash can. Estimated
savings: 10 to 100 liters of water per day! (Depends on the habits of
each person)
. (Each time we brush our teeth are spent in 3-20
liters of water).
a. Rather than leave open the faucet while I brush my
teeth, I will use a glass of water to rinse my mouth and my brush or
just close my tap while brushing my teeth. Estimated savings: up to 60
liters of water per day!
In the laundry
a. Will use full loads of laundry to save water. Estimated
savings: up to 100 liters of water per day!
b. Significantly reduce the amount of soap to prevent
contaminating millions of gallons of water. Estimated savings: unlimited!
Washing dishes AL
a. First enjabonaré all the dishes (with the wrench)
and then enjuagaré using water of each utensil to remove excess soap,
finally, the enjuagaré with tap water. Estimated savings: up to 50 liters of water
per day!
b. Rebajaré water liquid dishwashing soap (3 parts
water to one part soap) to rinse the dishes more easily and avoid
contaminating millions of gallons of water and detergent.
c. Will place extra fat of fried stewed in a stoppered
bottle and deposited in the trash, rather than throw it into the drain
as it did. One liter of oil dumped down the drain pollutes one million
liters of water! (Sufficient for the water consumption of a person for
14 years).
a. I wash the food on a tray rather than the water jet.
savings: up to 20 liters of water per day!
LEAKS. He thinks that a dripping faucet loses 30 liters of water daily.
a. Review them and mend the leaks in my house whenever
necessary. Estimated savings: up to 100 liters of water per day
a. I’ll go down the water pressure in my house to
reduce consumption in general. Estimated savings: up to 50% of total water
consumption of a house.
9. THE CAR WASH. Washing the car with a hose uses up to
500 liters of water
a. Will use a bucket instead of hose. Estimated
savings: up to 500 liters of water per day
b. I wash the car only 1 or 2 times a week
If all Mexicans do this, we could save up to 91 billion
gallons of water per day and 33.3 billion liters per year.
  • Every time we go to the bathroom and we pull the
    lever, we are consuming the same amount of water that Africans consume
    an entire day.
  • The annual water consumption of a human being varies
    between 2.5 million liters (USA) up to 1,500 liters in some African
  • One in four people is not enough pure water.
  • Production of a cotton shirt requires 2,900 liters of
  • Every eight seconds a child dies from drinking
    contaminated water.
  • More than five million people die each year from
    contaminated water.
  • In 2030 two planets would be needed to maintain the
    current lifestyle of humanity.
  • Spain ranks fifth globally in "water footprint", ie the
    total volume of water used globally to produce goods and services
    consumed by citizens.
  • 2 billion people worldwide, a third suffer from
    shortages of drinking water.
  • One in six people lack regular access to drinking
  • More than twice as many as 2,400 million people, has no
    adequate sanitation.
  • The water-related diseases kill a child every eight
    seconds and are the cause of 80% of all diseases and deaths in the
    developing world, a situation that is much more tragic if we take into
    account that long time we know that these diseases are easily
  • While in the past 20 years the developing world has
    witnessed an increased supply of water services, this progress was
    largely offset by population growth.
  • It is estimated that an average human being needs 50
    liters of water per day for drinking, cooking, washing, farming,
    cleaning up. But the right to water, basic to any creature, begins to
    trickle down to reach millions of people.
  • Emergency And this sound just a few years (the World
    Water Forum held in March recently in its third version, in Kyoto,
    Japan) began to be regarded internationally as a terrifying realization
    of vertiginous water shortages worldwide, arising not only population
    growth, but the appalling human negligence with all related consequences
  • The first World Water Forum held in 2000 in The Hague,
    set the objective for 2015 of halving the number of people without
    access to drinking water .. But it did not include plans to prevent
    monopoly. Just it was named the conflict in the privatization of water
    sources, destined to be one of the most severe of the century begins.
  • Although only 5% of drinking water in the world is in
    private hands, the annual earnings of these companies are earning more
    than twice what you earn today the oil industry.
 CIRCULAR Please do it, enjoy it to all
your contacts.


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