Babylon The Great


One response to “Babylon The Great

  1. Subject: Babylon is falling in GermanyHuge posters have appeared on walls in Germany asking for \’ Babylon to Fall!" The fact is that in Germany people are forced to pay a considerable tax to the church they belong. This money is deducted at source, automatically from their salary, unless they go to the appropriate municipal office and officially cancel their membership to their church.People have been disgusted with the many scandals that have come to the fore lately and there is now a movement encouraging citizens toliterally \’Get out of her my people\’. They are quoting Rev.18:4 saying"if you do not want to share with her in her sins".Please read the attachment. Scroll down, the first part is in German, the translation in Englishappears below it "The great day of Jehovah is near. It is near, and there is a hurrying of it very much" (Zephaniah 1:14)

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