New Life Heritage Through Jesus Christ

New Life Heritage Through Jesus Christ

We belong to an imperfect family, with a heritage of death. The rule has been found to be scientifically true: Short-lived or diseased parents do not transmit the life vigor to their children that strong, healthy parents can. We need a new life heritage. We need regeneration. For that very reason Jesus came to earth. But how does the new life heritage come in?

The Bible’s explanation as to how this is accomplished is both simple and profound—even as the problem of mankind’s dying condition can be simply stated but is profoundly difficult to overcome. First, it should be recognized that at the time of Adam’s sin and his being sentenced to death, his offspring or race were all unborn in his loins and so all died with him. (Compare Hebrews 7:4-19; Romans 7:9.) Jesus as a perfect man, “the last Adam,” had a possible race of offspring unborn in his loins. And when he died innocently as a perfect human sacrifice, this potential human race died with him. Jesus had willingly abstained from marrying and producing a family of his own. Jesus dying as a childless man, his unborn human offspring justly counterbalanced all the race that Adam had reproduced till now.—1 Cor. 15:45; compare Romans 5:15-17.

So, by giving his human life, together with the potential of having children of his own, Jesus Christ bought “parental” life rights that Adam lost. He holds “credit” for those of Adam’s family who desire to draw upon it.

To illustrate how this satisfies justice, we might use the case of a man who has died leaving a large debt on his estate. His children are unable to pay the debt. But a friend with sufficient money redeems the estate from the dead man’s creditors and then divides out portions thereof as inheritance to those who are worthy children. In Jesus’ case, of course, it is not land or other material possessions that he redeems and grants to worthy ones but life, perfect human life.

By providing the “corresponding ransom,” Jesus repurchased all mankind descended from Adam so that they could become his family. He did this by presenting the full value of his ransom sacrifice to the God of absolute justice in heaven. He “entered . . . into heaven itself, now to appear before the person of God” on behalf of the world of mankind.—Heb. 9:24.

Jesus Christ can thus have children on earth, not by natural procreation, but by redemption of Adam’s offspring. This was foretold in Messianic prophecies that show that Jesus will have “offspring” as an “Eternal Father.” (Isa. 53:10-12; 9:6, 7) Jesus would not be an “Eternal Father” for his earthly children if they died off. So for this title to be true of him, the earthly children to whom he becomes father by means of his ransom will be given the opportunity to live forever on earth.

Therefore, by faith in Jesus Christ the dying children of dead Adam can transfer to the family of a Father who lives forever. This “Eternal Father” can regenerate their minds and bodies with life, and he can thereafter maintain that life vigor in them. (Rom. 6:23) Yes, by faith in Jesus Christ you can have a new life heritage. And this entire arrangement for a new life heritage manifests Jehovah God’s wisdom and his righteousness in a wonderful way. How so? In his perfectly balancing the scales of justice while at the same time showing undeserved kindness and forgiving sins.—Rom. 3:21-26.


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