How Will Everlasting Life Be Attained?

How Will Everlasting Life Be Attained?

“HOW can everlasting life be attained?’ you may logically ask. ‘If that takes place there will have to be some big changes made.’ That is true. But by whom?
Medical men have long worked to make changes. They have increased man’s average life-span mainly by use of antiseptics and by better sanitation. The decrease in deaths has been most notable in the newborn and the very young.

But as a result of mere human efforts how much longer can you, personally, expect to live? The Encyclopedia Americana (1968 edition, under “Longevity”) reports:

“While man’s life expectancy at birth has almost doubled in [the more ‘advanced’] countries since the mid-19th century, his expectancy at the age of 60 has increased by only one year.”
In the book The Biology of Death author Raymond Pearl states that heredity is a major factor in the secret of long life. Pearl puts this truth in the half-humorous statement: “The best insurance of longevity is . . . a careful selection of one’s parents and grandparents.”

The plain fact is that today medical efforts are admittedly at a virtual standstill as to lengthening of the life-span. And now pollution of air, water and food is becoming more deadly every day, with the threat of shortening life. To whom, then, can one look for long life?

Look to the Source of Life

If one is looking for long life, is it not reasonable to turn to the One who gave man life at the beginning? Only the Creator would fully know all our needs and be able to satisfy them. The Bible says of him: “With you is the source of life.” (Ps. 36:9) “By him we have life and move and exist,” said the apostle Paul to the men of Athens.—Acts 17:28.
Is it not logical, then, to see what God has to say about life? His Word the Bible is the only source that makes any promise of everlasting life on earth or gives any satisfying hope for those who have already died.

At this point the thought may arise: ‘We have had the Bible for centuries. But still we do not see people now living on and on.’ Well, the Bible tells us: “For everything there is an appointed time.” (Eccl. 3:1) It identifies the time when life-giving benefits begin to flow to all obedient mankind. It shows that this time is at hand.

The first man Adam, our forefather, stepped out on a rebellious course of independence from God. He determined to go his own way. He wanted to ‘know,’ to decide, to judge for himself what was good and what was bad. (Gen. 3:5, 22) God has patiently let men try out their “independence.” But now man has reached the peak of trouble. And now is also the time that God has purposed to end wickedness, in this generation, and to bring about conditions in the earth so that those who desire can live forever.—Rev. 11:18.

Just how will he bring this about? When we go to God and his Word, we learn of the provision he has made for man to gain everlasting life.


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