Had a funny “witness” moment that I thought you’d appreciate…

Submitted by Melissa and

Had a funny "witness" moment that I thought
you’d appreciate…

I was in the checkout line at the Asian Food
Market… There was a woman in front of me purchasing her food items. 

As she reached into her purse to grab
her wallet I saw the Watchtower and Awake Magazines in Chinese. I was
about to react when the cashier (who also saw them) got really excited.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out his Watchtower and Awake in
Spanish…. I kinda gasped and looked startled. They both turned to me
and looked at me questioningly… I reached into my purse and pulled out
my English copies…  We all laughed and introduced ourselves. Everyone
else looked at us like we were freaks. If only they knew why we were so

Only in Jehovah’s
organization can three complete strangers, who speak three different
languages and barely understand one another, whole-heartedly embrace
over noodles and cabbage in front of a crowd of people… and not be



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