(After) Commemoration…

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(After) Commemoration…


 (A friend Sent me this … I want to share, hope you like it !!! The brother (giving the speech) continued talking after he concluded the commemoration,and we were told that because the commemoration concluded  (for us). It did not mean that everything was over to Jesus that night.  The Brother reminded us while we go out with friends and enjoy the Association after the commemoration, We must remember that Jesus went to the garden to pray.His followers left him and he was arrested.He then told us that while we were sleeping … Jesus was tried unjustly slapped and spit, Peter denied and he was taken and returned several times between Herod and Pilate…We woke up the next morning…Jesus was given lashes and a Crown of thorns was cruelly flattened in his head, tired and without sleep and been the subject of much ridicule. He was forced to bear their own torture stake. While we had lunch (at noon)… Jesus would be with a deep and intense pain, suffering until in the middle of afternoon… when he would cry out with the divided heart, feeling that Jehovah had removed His Spirit from him for the first time since its inception … so that he (Jesus) to prove its integrity by itself and buy that way of sin …so that Jehovah could approach. When you are passing the emblems is good to read Psalm 118, which is the psalm that was sung when  they pass the Cup during the Passover.How it 

must have been for Jesus! (Mat 26:30 ) Ps 113:1)That we always maintain the Commemoration in our mind and heart…and walk Daily as Jesus taught us the way … (and tells us: "Come be my follower") 


was send in spanish, I

did my best to translate it

without losing the meaning…

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