A Pill To Raise the Moral …

A Pill To Raise the Moral …

Author: Jorge | 28, 2009 

How many times were with a friend who has problems such as that discussed with anyone, parents, etc.. and we knew we could say?  In the course of my life and learned some Tibs, I hope they can use … usually the first thing we do is ask – " What happened ? " , " What did he say ? " "What made you " ,etc. The sole function of these questions is that our friend again to remember everything bad that happened … and usually starts in a cry not know how to handle …  What I recommend is first of all correct your posture … it sounds funny, is absolutely true.  Try it yourself, take a folded position, listless, arms at his sides, looking down and speak breaths between cut: "I am the happiest person in the world!". Do not believe anything?? Let’s try the reverse, stand up, please stand up firmly, pulling the chest out, shoulders back, looking up and open arms, to take air and scream: "I am the happiest person in the world things change !!!", right?  Ok. Returning to the subject, then the first thing we do is correct your posture, I recommend to get behind the person and throw your shoulders back. It is almost impossible that the person does not smile. Try it yourselves back, as they are now sitting, bending his shoulders as if they were depressed and slowly go back and throwing up …… saw how it is drawn a little smile?Then again I recommend not to ask about the past, but for the future …  This forces the person to calm down and focus … questions like "And you’re going to do to improve that?", "What will you do to recover?" (This I use it whenever my friends have a problem and come face fall), are phrases that are seeking a solution to the problem.  Another of advice is to just never use the word "problem" but replace it with something like "Situation to Resolve" The problem stops you, slows you down, resolve the situation forces you to think of the solution on how to continue.  But alas no truth worth nothing better than to support our friends / as with the sword of the spirit, the Bible to consider passages that they apply to your circumstances, examples of men and women who knew their circumstances withstand pressing Stamina is a super pill for morale and self-esteem.  I hope that one will serve , Greetings from your brother in faith.


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