“Gymnastics for the brain”

The right hemisphere of the brain, will thank you … 
"Gymnastics for the brain" 

Simply change hands for brushing teeth, contrary to his routine and forcing brain stimulation is a new technique to improve concentration, creativity training and intelligence and thus brings an exercise Neuróbica. 
A discovery in the "Neuroscience", reveals that the brain maintains extraordinary ability to grow and change the pattern of their connections.

The authors of this discovery, Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin (2000), reveal that Neuróbica, or "aerobic neurons is a new form of brain exercise, designed to keep the brain agile and healthy, creating new and different patterns of activities of neurons in his brain. 
About 80% of our daily life, is occupied by routines, which despite having the advantage of reducing the intellectual effort, hiding a perverse effect: they limit the brain. 
To counteract this trend, is necessary to practice exercises "brain" that make people think only of what they are doing, focusing on the task. Neuróbica The challenge is to do anything contrary to the routine, forcing the brain to further work.

Some of the exercises: 
– Use the clock pulse counter to that normally used; 
– Brush your teeth with the opposite hand to the usual: 
– Walk around the house, back (in China, this routine practice in the parks); 
– Dress with eyes closed 
– Stimulate your palate with different things 
– See the photos upside down (or photos, or you) 
– Watch the time, in the mirror 
– Change of way for get to and from work; 
– Many others, depending on their inventiveness. 
The idea is to change the routine behavior. Tempted to do some different things with their other side of the brain, stimulating it that way. Worth trying! 
How about if you start practicing now, the management changed hands now sending mouse and his friends, this message … using the mouse with your other hand?

I figured that, END WILL SEND THE MESSAGE IS AS I sent them, with his left hand, and I’m having Muuucho WORK, BUT I DO IT WITH GUSTO FOR ALL DEVELOPMENT THE NEUROBICA!

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