What is the origin of Easter and the customs associated with it?


57 mins ago

What is the origin
of Easter and the
customs associated with


 The sons are picking up sticks of wood, and the fathers are
lighting the fire, and the wives are kneading flour dough in order to
make sacrificial cakes to the ‘queen of the heavens’; and there is a
pouring out of drink offerings to
other gods for the purpose of offending me


In the book The Two Babylons, by Alexander
Hislop, we read: “What means the term Easter itself? It is not a
Christian name. It bears its Chaldean origin on its very forehead.
Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the
queen of heaven, whose name, . . . as found by Layard on the Assyrian
monuments, is Ishtar. . . . Such is the history of Easter. The popular
observances that still attend the period of its celebration amply
confirm the testimony of history as to its Babylonian character. The hot
cross buns of Good Friday, and the dyed eggs of Pasch or Easter
Sunday, figured in the Chaldean rites just as they do now.”—(New York,
1943), pp. 103, 107, 108; compare Jeremiah 7:18.above

The Encyclopædia Britannica comments:
“There is no indication of the observance of the Easter festival in the
New Testament, or in the writings of the apostolic Fathers. The
sanctity of special times was an idea absent from the minds of the
first Christians.”—(1910), Vol. VIII, p. 828.

The Catholic Encyclopedia tells us: “A
great many pagan customs, celebrating the return of spring, gravitated
to Easter. The egg is the emblem of the germinating life of early
spring. . . . The rabbit is a pagan symbol and has always been an
emblem of fertility.”—(1913), Vol. V, p. 227.



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