Know That the End Is Near.



Know That the End
Is Near. 
Jehovah’s people are not fearful.  One of the
signs of the last days is found at Matt 24:7 (happening in one place
after another).  Events are happening with growing intensity
and magnitude.
We are
going to look at four key areas – world events,
attitudes, political circumstances and finally, activity.

World events. 
Matt 24:7.  “Nation against nation”.  People say, “we’ve always had
wars”, or “governments do their best to avoid conflict”, and even “it
isn’t that bad”.  Let us consider some events, first of all, food
shortages.  According to the U.N. one billion people are going hungry
and it is the first time in history that we have had so many hungry
people.  Earthquakes – more today are affected by
earthquakes than before.  One of the reasons for this is that more
people are living in earthquake zones. 
Luke 21:11
regarding pestilences.  AIDS, cancer, Sars, T.B. and now we can add
swine flu to the list.  Despite medical advances they occur in one
place after another.  It is wrong to live in denial that these
things are taking place.

(Matt 24:12).  The love of the greater number is foretold to cool
off.  This means love for God and His Word, the Bible.  The home was
formerly a place of tranquillity but now it isn’t.  for many, it is no
longer a haven.  Violence is sweeping through all levels of society. 
Political circumstances
and national divisions.  We are living in the time of the feet of clay
and iron of Daniel’s image.  There is a weakening of iron-like
governments and they are becoming more fragile.
Activity and condition of
God’s people in the final part of the days. 
24:34.  What is “this generation”?  It is the anointed as a class since
1914, therefore the anointed as a class make up this generation.  A
generation is people of various ages whose lives overlap.  The anointed
will see the end of this system (a generation has a beginning and an
end).  Matt 24:33.  People know there are wars, pestilences etc.
occurring around the world yet they carry on with their everyday
As challenging
as it may be, we must prove ourselves ready.










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